Welcome to the Taekwondo Flowgame.

Here I collected some games which may help keeping the fun and diversity when training at home.
The basic idea is to get a random output by the game to which you have to react as quickly as possible. At this point there are three diffrent variants of the game which all cover diffrent aspects of the Taekwondo sport.
Just click yourself through the games and have fun!

Any questions, wishes or comments per email:

With this Step-game you can train your coordination, reactiontime und agility and endurance.

It trains your ability to be quick on your feet and to move fast in all directions. This is important in a fight for either dodging a kick or getting the distance for your own attack right.

The game itself is really flexible and allows you to change it to your individual needs. E.g. you could simply step in the fields or maybe only use one foot or maybe even do a kick or excersice after you stepped in a field.
It's all about your creativity and your individual preferences.

This game aims at your reaction time and knowledge of the techniques.

The game will present you random traditional Taekwondo-Techniques that you have to do as quickly as possible. You can decide which techniques can appear at at what rate this should happen. With this you can simply tune the game to your performance level or your individual preferences.
You can also add new (taekwondo or non-taekwondo) techniques to it if you like.

This game is the fighting/competition variant of the traditional flowgame.

It presents you a set of diffrent icons that indicate where and how you have to kick:

Target:   Either Body or Head
Side:   Kick from the left, right or from the front
Turn:   The kick has to be a turning kick
Leg:   Tells with which leg you have to kick

You can change which icons will be shown and which won't.
The game works best with a dummy or heavy back to kick at but you can also do the kicks in the air.